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What I’ve Learned: 10 ways to create great company culture

What I’ve Learned: 10 ways to create great company culture

As commercial director and publisher of Macworld, Desktop and FM magazines, Joanne Davies leads a team of sales, production and editorial staff at Niche Media. Here she draws on her 20 years experience in magazine publishing to share 10 points on how to create a great company culture.


  1. When business is tough it becomes harder to keep a positive culture. So look at what you can change in your business model to give hope and optimism to your staff to keep them positive.
  2. Share the business’ plan and direction with your team.
  3. Empower people to do things their own way (within reason).
  4. Encourage staff to understand the role others play in the company and how important each individual’s role is; no division is more important than another. For example, salespeople bring the money in, but production staff and development teams provide the product to sell – you all need each other for success.
  5. Encourage team members to voice their ideas to create opportunity for themselves or the company.
  6. Remove the red tape and let people create.
  7. Help your team to feel they are contributing to the company’s goals; give them responsibility and ownership for tasks and outcomes.
  8. When you have a high performing team there is a sense of unity. Share their success and task those individuals with spreading their enthusiasm to other teams within the business.
  9. Hold all staff meetings on a regular basis (depending on company size) for staff to hear directly from the managing director on business plans and achievements. This helps everyone to feel part of the bigger picture.
  10. Social activities are great for team bonding. Encourage social time, either through Friday lunch breaks or after work drinks, but ensure that nobody is excluded, especially within a small company.

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