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Gap widening between digital and non-digital teams

Gap widening between digital and non-digital teams

Despite marketing’s increasing focus on digital, technological complexity is widening the gap between digital and non-digital teams.


The ‘Digital IQ Index’, a study of 625 participants released by Digital Chameleon, found general sales and marketing teams had significantly less digital knowledge than specific digital specialists.

The study found that individuals with digital skills, both in brands and agencies, failed to share their knowledge outside of their specific digital team.

Data and analytics, programmatic buying and online video production are just some of the areas in which the study found skills were lacking.

Marketers were found to be struggling to keep up with the rapid changes in digital, with constant technological reinvention hindering people’s ability to develop their skills.

Digital Chameleon managing director Patty Keegan says the next few years will be a test for marketers.

“For leaders who are prepared to fill their digital skills gaps and ease the pressure on their digital specialists by ensuring all team members have a working knowledge of digital, this will be a period of opportunity and growth. For those who aren’t, the next few years will become even more competitive, challenging, and potentially brand-ending.”

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