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Dramatic increase in stakeholder support for digital, but skill shortages remain

Dramatic increase in stakeholder support for digital, but skill shortages remain

Skill shortages and budget constraints have stalled more advanced digital marketing implementations in Asia-Pacific, but stakeholder support for increased digital spend has grown dramatically.


The third annual ‘APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard’ by the CMO Council and Adobe has found that Australian marketers have pulled away from their counterparts in Asia-Pacific, although advanced implementation has stalled due to gaps in skills and budgets.

Behind Australia’s relative strength in the region are factors including stronger support from company leadership and having a strong digital champion in the leadership team.

This year’s study also revealed that stakeholder support for digital investment has increased significantly. However, despite Australia’s digital leadership in Asia-Pacific, skill shortages remain prevalent and marketers are still focused on more basic performance indicators.

Key findings from the 2014 Digital Dashboard include:

Liz Miller, CEO of the CMO Council, says that driving the uptick in stakeholder support for digital is simple: revenue. “It’s pretty plain and simple,” Miller tells Marketing. “Marketing has been able to take what we used to describe in grey and fuzzy language, and we’re now reporting it back to the organisation in the language of the business. That’s the critical factor.”

Similarly, Adobe’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Chris Skelton says strong support from senior leadership shows Australian businesses understand the importance of digital in their organisation’s transformation.

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About the research: the 2014 APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard was conducted by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe. It included a six-month in-field program comprising quantitative surveys with over 800 marketing executives. The study benchmarked the levels of adoption, traction and success of digital marketing in Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. Senior marketers within the Asia-Pacific region from a range of industries took part, with 44% holding a title of vice president or higher.

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