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Grammar tips: five everyday words you’re probably using incorrectly

Grammar tips: five everyday words you’re probably using incorrectly

Welcome to the second instalment of grammar tips from Niche’s own Professor Erica Stone. If you missed it, be sure to check out part one here: Grammar tips: a guide to tricky words. This time, we nail down the correct style for these five common, but often misused, words. 


1. All right

All right is actually two words. Not alright.


2. Among, while, amid

Rather than amongst, whilst and amidst – house style.


3. Barbecue

Not BBQ or barbeque.


4. Between

Can’t be followed by ‘to’, it needs to be ‘and’.

As in:

Snow White cleaned up after between five and seven dwarfs, depending on who was down the mine that day.


5. However

When however appears in a sentence as a conjunction, it has a comma either side of it… as long as it’s part of one clause. When it comes between two discrete (separate) clauses, it should usually have a semi-colon in front and a comma after (though rarely it is the other way around).

What does that mean? Well…

Steve Jobs was a very popular CEO; however, Tim Cook certainly has his fans, especially after recent record profits.

Both of those clauses could stand on their own as complete sentences.

But then…

Apple was, however, one of the richest companies on the planet.

See? Just the one clause here – ‘Apple was’ and ‘one of the richest companies on the planet’ could not stand as separate complete sentences.



Bonus style tips:



Are always single entities. Even if their titles are plural.

You’d say:

Niche Media has an extraordinarily gifted workforce.


Niche Media have some bonzer folk working there.

You could also say:

Etihad Airways was very happy to upgrade any Niche media employee, simply because the company’s reputation was so impressive.


Etihad Airways were keen to ingratiate themselves with the geniuses at Niche.


Z or S?

House style is Australian English, not US English, no matter what the Apple ecosystem may tell you, so we prioritise, not prioritize and later we may systemise, but never systemize.



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