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Sydney height limits soar in new strategic vision

Sydney height limits soar in new strategic vision

The City of Sydney has developed a new strategic vision for Sydney’s future skyline, which includes potential building heights in excess of 300 metres – 80 metres taller than Governor Phillip Tower.

The heights will unlock up to 2.9 million square metres of additional floor space for facilities including retail, hotel, cultural, and office needs, allowing the city’s centre to meet long-term targets for growth.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore says the strategy will help the city more effectively encourage economic and employment growth over the next two decades.

“Past planning strategies have successfully increased the number of residential buildings in the city centre, but now we need to protect and increase the amount of productive floor space to maintain Sydney’s economic vitality and resilience,” Moore says.

“Planning for growth requires clear policies and careful management to protect the opportunities to increase the new economy’s floor space needs from high-priced residential on larger scale sites.”

According to the City of Sydney, the new height limits will still allow for essential solar access to Hyde Park and other public areas, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Martin Place and Wynyard Park.

The 20-year strategy proposes to update previous planning controls and is the first comprehensive plan since the City of Sydney Strategic Plan in 1971 by George Clark, which set the skyline and character of modern-day Sydney. The new strategy includes 10 key moves, including: the management of small sites to consider wind, sunlight, public views and setbacks, with owners of city buildings to talk to their neighbours about their combined development potential; a move toward zero net energy for all buildings through sustainability incentives; and the promotion of design excellence by requiring all towers and major developments to go through a design competition process.

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