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The luxury of a printed book to tell brand stories

The luxury of a printed book to tell brand stories

Brands want to tell their story to the people with which it will resonate most. They want people to find out what the brand’s all about, get excited about that area of interest, and share and talk about it with their friends. In this digital age of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, it can be difficult to make an impact – especially if you’re a high involvement luxury brand.

A luxury brand needs high quality marketing materials that demand attention, and attention is in high demand on the internet.

So what if we took a step back from this fast-paced online environment and produced something that our prospects could keep? One old-school trend that can’t be replaced digitally is the feel of a printed book. People love a truly valuable magazine or book that can be carried home, devoured cover-to-cover or perused at leisure then shared with others.

The key to custom publishing is to tap into interesting pieces of information or stories that customers will truly value.

Luxury marketing expert Kate Edwards, of Kontented, Fostered & Intersection, has three questions to ask luxury marketers:



Getting close to your customers is the future of luxury marketing, says Dan Pankraz, head of strategy, Asia-Pacific, Iris Worldwide. Sitting back with a beautifully-bound coffee table book, your customers can really feel involved with your brand.

“Luxury is no longer about outward displays of wealth, it’s a state of mind, with self-fulfilment trumping traditional status symbols,” Dan explains.  

Whether you’re producing a high-quality, useful product, or a service that makes your customers’ lives a whole lot easier, or anything in-between, it is guaranteed that you have plenty of stories to share with your community of customers.

Publishing a book of those stories can be a fantastic way to really impress people, and of course, capture their attention well beyond the battery life of their digital device.

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